Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ask the organiser - was I always organised?

Chandre wrote to me and asked me a really good question. I told her that it’s so good I’m going to answer it on the blog :-)

Were you always organized? I don’t necessarily mean as you are now, but did you have lists before, or put in petrol before it’s on empty, etc…

It seems easier for someone who already is a bit organized to get more organized, but tips for someone who's not at all, seems a big mission.

Here’s my answer:

The truth is that my personality does tend more towards organisation than not. But organising is a skill anyone can learn.

People always ask, “are leaders born or made?” My answer is “a bit of both, although leadership skills can be learnt”.

We all know wonderful leaders who are just so natural at it. Then we know some people who have been put in a leadership role and get better and better at it as they go along.

It’s the same with organising.

For the most part, I do come by it naturally but certain aspects have been harder than others. If I don’t take control of my time, I am shocking at it. It’s because I want to squeeze too many things into my day.

I learn very quickly that I'm not Superwoman and I also only have 24 hours in a day :-)

However, I went through some coaching a few years ago (2003), learnt the principles of good time management and have been sailing ever since. I go through hectic busy periods too but I know how to get it all back on track. And for the most part, quickly.

For me, spaces are easier to organise because you can see the finite proportions of the space, and things either fit or they don’t.

And generally there are a couple of principles you follow when organising anything – time or space – with a couple of tweaks here and there to suit your personality.

So, Chandre, I'd say yes, I've always had lists (love lists!!!) and I do put petrol in before the car's empty (but I do get quite close to the end because I like living on the edge :-) )

It will take time to start implementing some organising systems in your
life - you can start building good habits in just 15 minutes a day.

And like I've said before, organising is a means to an end.

The end is more peace, less stress and more time for what matters most to YOU.


Coach J said...

Love it, love it, love it!!! I say "gas" you say "petrol"!!! Another SA-ism!

Lu said...

I would love to learn the principles of good time management. Any suggestions?
I feel I'm always sidetracked.

Anne said...

Ha ha, I make lists too! I then stick them in my back pocket or some other random place and lose them! *sigh*

I love reading about organizing. I have dreams about one of those shows like "Neat" coming in and organizing my whole house.

I saw an Oprah the other week that was really good about organizing. It had some British organizing guy on in I think. Did you see it? (I don't know if you get Oprah there???)

This fall after our move and school starting I think I'm going to have to check out your site and your services more.