Friday, July 31, 2009

Holding you accountable - what did you tackle this week?

Leave a comment and let me know how you did this week.


The Organise your Home ecourse is a step-by-step system delivered in bite-sized pieces so you will NEVER feel overwhelmed. You even get an audio of me teaching you how to organise your space.

Tons of people have been through this system; are you next?


bbodenstein said...

I'm embarrassed to say I didn't even start organizing my dining room's office supplies until today, but I did get the job done! Without knowing I had to check in here, I probably would have put it off. Anyway, I now know where all my spare Post-Its are located. ;)

Me said...

I want to start off by thanking you Marcia for having the August Declutter Challenge last year. As you know I kept going after that and it's been a struggle sometimes (okay a lot of the time) but I made it. A year! This past week I started working on a shelf in my son's room that is so seldom used that I don't usually remember that it is there! Hope you and the twins are doing well.

Tracy said...

Marcia, I stared in the bathroom last sunday and disposed of one full Wal-mart bag of cosmetics!!!!

I have been decluttering our closet (All three of us have to share one large closet) this was not by choice but was a have to situation. By that being said the brackets were giving way because of all the clothes on the racks!!! So all of that to tell you that I have "8" kitchen (18 gal) bags full to the brim with clothes to donate or sell. What a huge task!!! Also, I went through and seperated my shoes into winter/summer. I bought a tote labled it and am storing it in the garage. Now I will work on the blankets (they also have to be stored in the same closet as the clothes because there is only one closet in our home!!!) Anyway, same thing...bought a large tub am going to mark it and store it in the garage.

Thanks for the inspiration, please keep it us. I am at a depression mode about the clutter in my are a great help. Hope the babies are sleeping for you.

Tracy in AR

Rachel said...

I actually DID accomplish something this week. My sister finally moved enough stuff back to her house to allow me to work at my Dad's house (next door - just a bit further apart than a duplex). My dad has graciously offered to let me use it as a school room. So we tamed Kendra and Vannan's horribly messy desks and moved only what they REALLY needed (though I'm sure some stuff got past me) next door. Then we were able to move the buffet under the window so the plants I got when my mom died have a place to expand.

Then the electricity that has been off in our house for 3 months, suddenly came back ... so I've been able to see to tackle some projects in our bedroom too. I now have all the maternity clothes I can still wear in one drawer and have put stuff I can't wear in a different drawer - so dressing should be less stressful. I didn't want to pack them away - I've only got 9 more weeks till the due date!

Enjoyed all the pictures of Kendra and Connor. They are just precious.

marci said...


I'm joining the challenge, and proud to say we had a garage sale today. Got rid of a bunch of stuff in our garage and also made $192. We still have a long way to go... Most of my friends are shocked: "Your house isn't cluttered!" but they don't see inside the drawers and closets.

Thanks, Marcia - this is a great challenge!

(And ps - how are the babies? I had a preemie - 36 weeks, 4 lbs - she's now 4 years old! A wonderful kid!!)