Wednesday, July 29, 2009

(my new) favourite organising tools #16 - gift bags

Hi all

On Sunday I challenged you to declare in the comments an area of your home that you'd be organising this week.

It's not too late to join in - even if you do just one drawer, the top of your kitchen counters, etc.

I'll be posting on Friday (so we all stay accountable) and I'd love to read your comments where you tell me what you've managed to get done.


I said that I'd be sorting out the gift wrap and whatnot (just means there's such a lot and I'm too lazy to list it all :)) which I'm still busy working through as I do my project-type stuff between the 11pm and 2am feeds!

Long story but I can stay up easier than I get up so this is my new routine.

BUT I have found a use for some of those gift bags...which have become one of my favourite organising tools.

In the post where I spoke about organising the babies' clothes, Se7en commented and shared how she uses gift bags.

Well, I decided to try her suggestion and look...

see the bottom shelf in this pic

and this shelf, which makes my heart go all aflutter - so neat and organised and PRETTY!!!

How else do you use gift bags for non-gift purposes in your home or office?

Please share in the comments and let's get some good tips going. And Se7en, thanks again!

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se7en said...

Hay that's me!!! What a nice surprise!!! I have to say we went through a stage where we were burdened with many many gift bags and I use them for lots of things! The little ones are great for storing markers and pencils and so on... then each kid can have their own personal stationary cache. Not to mention little treasures... My older kids have them for socks and undies in their drawers, Gift bags are great for storage... and no they don't last forever but who wants to look at the same storage container from now until the next millennium... When they get tatty swop them out!

I hope your babies are well and your family have a good weekend together.

se7en said...
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Beth Dargis said...

I have a lovely gift bag in my bedroom that has tea light candles for the candle holders in our room.

Becca said...

I love the gift bag ideas!