Friday, July 03, 2009

Project Baby - getting the clothes ready

So the baby showers are over and I finally knew what I could go buy.

People like to buy "outfits", in other words, cute clothes, so I put things like vests, leggings and babygrows (onesies) on my wish list.

Also, I like babies to look like babies, not like three-year-olds :)

We got a lot of what we needed but there being two, we had to go buy some stuff. I still don't know if we have enough but at least we have some clothes.

How many vests does one baby need anyway?

Someone at work gave us a very generous gift voucher so we went and bought the rest of what we needed, at least for the first stage.

And so the laundering commenced.

busy folding the clean laundry

sorting by category...
from the top: girl bibs, boy bibs and caps/ beanies

leggings on the left and vests on the right

their first slippers (they are too cute!), booties and socks

babygrows and knitted leggings and tops

neatly labelled on the shelf

burp cloths on left and blankets on right
(don't worry, I have PLENTY - the rest are still being laundered)
I feel much better now that they at least have clothes to wear!

I've used gift boxes (the purple ones) and plastic drawer dividers because they were falling over in anything bigger and I hate untidy shelves.

Question - anybody have any bright ideas to store all these tiny little clothes?

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Anonymous said...

WOW,that's excellent organising Marcia, as per usual! I'm very impressed. Wish I was as organized as you! Caren

se7en said...

I use gift bags - you should have plenty! for storing all our baby clothes and mark the bags: newborn, 0-3,3-6... as they grow out of them I filter out the ones we will never use agin and hand a gift bag over to a new mom... and the ones I can't stand to part with go back into their gift bag with the right size label and back into the cupboard for next time...

For the first year at least I keep all their clothes in a gift bag next to were I change their nappies... until they need their own defined closet space. But if they are just wearing onsies and vests then a bag is sufficient...

Beware of sock gifts - you will get thirty million pairs they are so cute and yet your babies will only have two feet!!! And their are only so many days in a week... gather them up choose your very favorites and return or regift the rest... along with all the baby products you won't use (talcum powder to cover the whole antarctic white!!!)...

All the best - I love hearing about your babies!

Kin said...

Oh honey,

Those clothes won't be ever in the baskets long enough to be organised. My "baby" (the youngest) is 17 months now and we still just chuck all her clothes in a basket and keep it in her cupboard.

My suggestion would be 2 baskets, one for blue and one for pink.

I do however keep a sock box near where I fold laundry - I can never find pairs when I'm doing it, so all socks go in there and find pairs as needed.

As for how many of anything you'll need in a day? My 17 month old is still going through 3-4 pairs of leggings a day, and at least 2 shirts. How often are you planning to wash? Halve it then do the math about how much you'll need.

Chef Penny said...

I use those drawer organizers like you get for silverware. Get some lingerie bags to wash the socks in so that you will not have to search for the mate. You are so organized already but you will find what works for you when the babies come!

Marcia Francois said...

Penny, that is a great idea to keep the socks in lingerie bags – they’re so little and could so easily get “lost”. These plastic things I’m using are drawer organisers. These are the cheapest ones I could find.

Kin, thanks for the laugh! I hate doing laundry but we are employing a full-time nanny and one of her jobs is to see to all the babies' laundry too.

Se7en, great idea about the gift bags. I really really love it - you're right - i now have tons and most of them are sturdy enough to use as storage containers.

Caren, thanks! You can pick up all the tips for when your babies come along :)

N said...

You could get those clear utility boxes with 3 sides from Woolies...they are packed flat and you fold them out. I use them for my undies too...

Anonymous said...

when my baby was on the way, i had all little things in little baskets, like yours - and was looking for a way to store them. We had a nursery corner set up in the master bedroom. I ended up buying a clothes rack on casters and hanging little outfits on the rack. in addition, i bought one of those hanging shoe organizers with 10 compartments - and the little baskets fitted perfectly! baskets had all bibs and socks, washcloths, receiving blankets and such - all within easy reach, and there was plenty of space underneath the rack for diaper boxes and such.

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