Monday, May 18, 2009

10-minute organising project - the pantry!

I love organising projects that take very little time to complete but make you feel oh-so-good as if they were a lot more complex than they actually were.

I've shared the fridge organising with you before; today I'm going to share another of my 10-minute projects, organising the pantry.

  • throw out expired food like sauce packets, etc.
  • move older food to the front and be sure to use them up in the next week
  • use baskets and other containers to keep like categories of food together
  • as easy as that, you are DONE!

When was the last time you organised your pantry?


Diane said...

I need to do my pantry and my food cupboard too. How are you feeling? When is the big day ?????

Marcia Francois said...

Hi Diane

I am feeling great - thanks so much for asking.

I probably should do a post and tell you all the news with pics, details, etc. :)