Wednesday, May 06, 2009

One of my favourite organising books EVER!

Confessions of an organized homemaker - Deniece Schofield

This is one of the very first organising books I read and is still one of my absolute favourites. I learned one of my favourite organising tools in this book.

If you haven't read it, I strongly encourage you to get it from the library and read it with a notebook so you can jot down the good ideas that will work for you.

Have you read it? What did you think?


Elise said...

I work at the local library, and I've seen this book go out all the time. I may just have to put myself on the waiting list for it. Thanks for the recommendation!

Marci @OvercomingBusy said...

I picked this up at the library last year. It was packed with good, practical tips. Highly recommended!

Carmen said...

Thanks, Marcia - I hadn't heard of this book. Will have to check it out!

Marcia Francois said...

Get a copy and read it, guys. As Marci said, it's packed with practical (my favourite kinds of) tips

Debbi said...

I read the original version of this book over 20 years ago when my children were young. It helped me more than any organizing book I have read since then. It is so practical that you can implement the suggestions right away mostly with what you have on hand. Anything you might need to purchase can be bought at the local dollar store for a few dollars. Great book. Even though I have never met her, I feel like Denise Schofield is an old family friend because she helped me so much!

Jessica said...

I love that book! I checked it out from the library a few years ago and loved it so much I went back and bought it off ebay so I could get the original first edition and not the watered down second edition

Anonymous said...

Deniece will sometimes tour and give presentations. I've been lucky enough to see her twice. She is very practical in her ideas and I always come away with something I can use. She also has a few other organizing books. If you google her name, I bet you can find them. Thanks for reminding me of a good resource. I should pull out her book again and take another look!
Kasey in North Carolina