Friday, April 17, 2009

Today we're decluttering our wallets

Usually when I do organising workshops, I make everybody organise their wallets since both men and women carry one.

It's so fun to see all the rubbish that comes out of some people's wallets; I think because they just add and add to it, and never take out the whole lot to see what's actually there.

So today, when you declutter your wallet (and you will, won't you?), please do me a favour and follow these steps:

  • remove everything
  • decide what you NEED and what you don't
  • throw away the stuff you don't need
  • think about the best way to store things for you (remember the organising process needs to be suited to your unique lifestyle)
  • then please, please go through it weekly from now onwards. You'll make me very, very happy if you do so :)

To help you out, read about how I organise my own wallet here. I bought this on 2 Nov 2006 and have not stopped loving it - isn't it gorgeous?!


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Marci @OvercomingBusy said...

My wallet needs this! I read your post about how you organize your wallet. You gave a great tip about having a day set aside for budgeting so that you know all those receipts taking up space in your wallet will get taken care of weekly. Thanks!

HDMac said...

Job completed. Posted and came to link up here! lol but no Mr. Linky. Hmm, I have been gone way tooooo long! lol. But I feel good with what got accomplished today. :) Thank you, Marcia!