Wednesday, April 29, 2009

5 easy steps to get organised and save money (5)

April is Financial Literacy Month

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5. Maintain

Restrict your filing space so that it forces you to clear out old bills every 6 – 12 months.

I actually only keep my own bills for 3 months because I have all my household categories in one file binder.

The entire 5-step, easy-to-use system will take you only a minute or two a day, and about 30 minutes when you sit down and pay your bills.

How long have you been keeping your bills?

If you need help getting your finances organised, check out 10 steps to your financial freedom now.
P.S. Today is our 14-year wedding anniversary :)


se7en said...

Happy Anniversary to you both. Congrats!

Me said...

Best wishes on your anniversary!

saved by scrapping! said...

hi there, just happened to come upon your site, great advice and tips, lovely! will stay tuned for your updates and best wishes on your anniversary :)


anne :)