Friday, January 04, 2008

What's on your YES list?

Success in life requires a short "Yes" list, and a long "No" list. - Gary Ryan Blair

Whenever I coach time management clients, one of the first things I tell them is this:

You are ALWAYS saying no to something when you say yes to something else.

For example...

  • if you say yes to volunteering on 3 committees, you're saying no to one or all of the following: your family, your self-care, your exercise time, your household...
  • if you say yes to that beautiful new pair of shoes you really can't afford, you're saying no to your debt-reduction plan - ouch!

It's such a small word but is often so hard to say.

Why should you say no?

1. it helps you set firm boundaries
2. it helps you honour your values
3. it makes you more productive
4. it reduces your stress
5. it frees you to serve where you're called to with joy

This week, I'm challenging you to SLOW DOWN and think carefully before you say yes to anything.

In fact, why don't you start saying, "let me get back to you on that" so you think clearly about the situation before committing yourself.

Do you have any questions or comments?
Send me an email and I'll get back to you!

Have a great week!


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annie said...

I say this a lot, "Let me check my schedule."
It's the truth, we have a lot going on! I'm learning more and more to say no to others and myself.

Marcia said...

Do you know how happy that makes me, Annie? LOL

Megan @ Disorder2order said...

You are right on girl! I have to giggle because my "goal" this year is to say No for the first six months of this year. I have spent the last three years saying yes and now it's time to say no... so that I can say yes again later!