Monday, January 21, 2008

Menu plan 21 Jan 2008, cleaning and load-shedding

How are you all doing?

Cleaning lady
Eureka! For the moment we have a cleaning lady. She came on Wed and again today, and will be coming on Mondays as her regular day.

She is not Bea (!) but I'm hoping it's just training issues because that I can deal with. Although I do have to tell her obvious things like "please fold the dishcloth on the dishrack when you're done with the dishes".

I'm not complaining because that mountain of ironing is basically a molehill now :) Yesssss!

Did you read my post on the power outages we're going to be having for the next 5 - 7 years in South Africa?

It is now day 12 and since I wrote that post, I am amazed at how I'm changing:
1. I mentioned that I'm getting super-focussed...
2. I am becoming really grateful for small things. Yesterday we had power the whole day and it was SUCH a blessing.
3. I am becoming flexible and using "no power" time to whiz around the house and do anything I don't need power for, so that when the electricity is on, I only have those tasks left.

This week's menu
Our area has load-shedding from 4 - 6:30pm on Mon, Wed and Fri so those days are now easy or freezer meals!

Stir-fried beef, veggies and rice from the freezer

Dion's night... and The Apprentice - yesss!

Sausage, spinach and potato one-pot

Pasta with kidney bean sauce, topped with cheese

Hot dogs, chips and salad

Please visit Laura for more menu plans.


kelly said...

yum! have a tasty week!

Org Junkie said...

I no longer have a cleaning day and boy do I miss her :)

ebony said...

Love your menu plan. Very realistic. I read posts of people who have gourmet sounding meals every night of the week-yeah right!