Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tackling blogging

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

My new thing is to do my main priority items before I start reading from my Google Reader. Of course this means I'm behind with reading but the good news is I'm being far more productive.

My tackle for this week is to get a number of blogging items up to date, which are all done:

1. Write 4 posts for Clutter Control Freak
2. Create 2 PDF files for Decluttering and Time-Saving tips from this post. Please come back tomorrow to download the PDFs. In fact, there's still time to leave your words of wisdom because I can easily add your tips to the document.
3. Blog about contest on CCF

Woohoo – now I'm busy writing tomorrow's weekly tips newsletter. If you're not subscribed, go here.

How do you make sure your top-priority items are done every day?

P.S. Go to my main blog page to read about the contest and about the Sunshine Organizer.


April Decheine said...

I look forward to reading about your organizing tips and will subscribe to your newsletter. Have a great day, my first Tackle it is up here, Tackle It Tuesday

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Great job with your tackle! I'm just back from vacation and ready to tackle the world. Ok, maybe just my house for now! :)

Kin said...

That's a great tackle!

I am down to 44 blogs in my reader, so I can manage most of them before getting out of bed (my laptop lives in my bed, so I don't spend all day in bed). It's hard to make sure my main priority items are done each day, but by reading first, then starting my day I can not stress about emails etc, cause I return all the important ones before the day really starts. Like now ;-)

I've got 3 more posts to read, then I'm off to get kids breakfasts and everyone motivated for swimming lessons. Oh and I've already got everything I need organised for the main priority items today. That helps too.

And my first Tackle is up too! Go ME!

Ali said...

A great tackle :)

I have cut my list of blogs down from 59 to 48 and ready to cull again!!

Org Junkie said...

Good job girl. I need to take a blogging break and get things prioitized.

Eva Wallace said...

This blogging business is still so new to me, I'm having trouble staying on top of it all! I know who to go to for help, though - thanks Marcia!


Melonie (Workerette.com) said...

Thanks for popping by Workerette, Marcia! I appreciate your comment on my Thursday Thirteen list from back in September - glad you weren't offended too! ;-P

Seriously though, it made my day to see that in the comments. There were other things said by that commenter elsewhere. Guess the old adage is true: you can't please everyone.

Love the Tackle Its. I have to go sign up for your newsletter now!!!