Thursday, October 11, 2007

Organising your medicine cabinet

Dion and I have been together for 15 years today! Married for 12 1/2 of those years :)

A reader emailed this question:
How do I sort out a medicine cupboard? How do I store the contents? What do I keep in a first aid box in a family situation?

Lots of great questions!

  1. First off, I would unpack everything and clean the cupboard.
  2. While the inside of the cupboard is drying, go through all the medicines and throw away any that have expired. When you repack them, put those that are about to expire in the front.
  3. I only have one smallish bag for all our stuff because we’re not sickly. I have Strepsils, Cepacol, Degoran (my favourite – now I sound like a druggie), Nurofen, Panado, burn ointment (because I always seem to burn myself when I use the oven), Tabard, Imodium, cold sore ointment, plasters and Savlon, Norflex and something for gastro cramps.
  4. I have a separate travel medicine bag (an old make-up bag) with just a few of each of these main things. I set up this little bag after we once drove 40km to the nearest town for medicines on one long weekend away. Lesson learnt thanks to Lichtenburg!

this looks a bit messy but it's not really - I think it's my bad photography

My medicine cabinet is the corner bathroom vanity cupboard and it has five main sections...

1. medicine (grey bag)

2. Dion’s toiletries (top blue basket and little round thing)

3. cleaning stuff (green basket)

4. extra toilet rolls and air freshener (not visible in this pic)

5. all the bath stuff (bottom blue basket and top right) (candles, bath salts, bath foam, etc) because this is the only bath we have in the house. Our en-suite only has a shower.

I think first aid boxes vary according to your family’s needs so I would buy a standard one and customise it for my family's needs.

What do you keep in your first aid box?


Overwhelmed! said...

First of all, Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! :)

Speaking of anniversaries, I saw your comment on my Ireland wedding anniversary post that you are going to Ireland next year. So are we! We're going back to Killarney to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary and we'll be traveling to Dublin and other parts of Ireland as well. When are you going? What part will you be visiting?

Ali said...

congratulations on your 15th year anniversary marcia :)

our first aid box lives on the top shelf in the pantry. Every once in a while I sort through it. Here in Australia we can take out of date medcinec to the chemist/pharmacy and they will dispose of them.

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