Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Works for me Wednesday - the car edition

When I thought about this week’s theme, none of the things I do really stood out as anything exciting, so I thought I’d just share 10 things I do to keep my car clean, tidy and organised.

1. I don’t eat anything worse than fruit in my car and of course, I don’t allow any eating in my car by other people either.
2. I don’t allow people to smoke in my car – this is if I give somebody a lift because Dion and I don’t smoke.
3. I also have some wet wipes in my cubby-hole to wipe my hands from the fruit. I then use the same wet wipe to clean my steering wheel, my dashboard, gear lever, etc. It’s called multi-tasking, people.
4. Just this past week, I heard an excellent tip to keep your car smelling nice. Leave a plastic refill bag of fabric softener under your car seat. Apparently, the smell permeates the whole car. Mmmm – lovely. Guess what’s on my shopping list?!

5. I keep some plastic bags in my cubby-hole so that I can throw apple cores, bits of paper, etc. This bag leaves my car every weekend or once it’s full, whichever comes first.
6. I also have a special plastic bag for my umbrella. There is nothing worse than wet-car smell from umbrellas.

7. In the boot of my car, I keep a box so that my shopping bags don’t move around. Inside the box, I keep a couple of fabric shopping bags.
8. I have a notebook and pen in the actual car to make notes so I don’t forget things. Like if I’m driving and I remember something I have to do, I quickly make a note of it (at the traffic light).
9. When you fill up with petrol, note down the number of L and then you can work out when you next should fill up. Now, if suddenly you don’t get the same consumption, then you should get your car checked out at the next service.
10. My latest thing is keeping a magazine in the car. When I’m kept waiting somewhere, I can use the time constructively to catch up on my reading.

These are all things that work for me. For more super-duper car tips, visit Shannon at Rocks in my Dryer.


Rae said...

Great tips! I love that about the fabric softner sheets, I have a tip using those too, now I can use some for a different reason. Thanks for sharing all of these & have a great rest of the week! =)

NspiredByFaith said...

These are great tips! I use the one with the notebook and pen. i keep it in the console to jot down something I need, otherwise, I may never think of it again! Thanks for sharing!