Saturday, April 07, 2007

Show your desk challenge

I recently subscribed to Ariane's blog and added her to my Google reader (honestly, they should pay me commission because I promote it to anyone who will stand still long enough).

She sent out a challenge to post pictures of your desk. I don't know what this means in connection to my ESTJ-ness - if you can help, go ahead. The comments are all yours.

8 confessions about the desks:

  1. I have 3. Yes, 3.
  2. One for the computer (the main desk). That pad to the right is helping me get the blogging thing under control (I will post about this soon).
  3. One for wrapping gifts, writing cards and doing household stuff.
  4. 2 of the desks have pens & pencils, punch, stapler and scissors. Because I hate walking around looking for stuff.
  5. And one for my business stuff. I won't bore you but I have folders for each workshop I run, coaching folders, speaking folders, organising folders, etc.
  6. No, they don't always look like this.
  7. I do like at least 2 very neat desks at all time. I think it's because I like to feel I have a measure of control.
  8. The desks are all clean at the moment because of the Organisational Challenge. I decided to start with the easier stuff to build momentum. Always a good thing to do for occasional procrastinators like me.

Beth, Suzanne, Aby, Terri, Rae, Annie and Multi-Tasking Mommy, I'm tagging you.


Rae said...

They look soo organized compared to mine right now, I have two that are complete messes. I want another desk now for wrapping gifts & doing other crafts! Thanks for tagging me, I'll post mine up early next week.

Happy Easter! =)

Suzanne said...

Haha, Marcia, I found it! You'll be seeing my pictures soon!

Aby said...

Here's a link to my desk. Thanks for taggine me ... this was fun!

Terri @ In His Hands said...

Wow---look how neat and tidy! That's great that you have three desks!

I'll post early this week.

Thanks for the tag!

Ariane Benefit, Neat Living said...

Marcia, thanks for sharing! I love your idea of 3 desks! I'm going to move my giftwrapping station from my finished basement this week! I have the room in here so why not? Funny how I've done that for other people in their home offices, but I wasn't doing it myself. Thanks for the inspiration!

annie said...

Hi Marcia.
I posted a pic of my bedroom desk.
♥ Annie