Tuesday, April 03, 2007

30-day organisational challenge

It's finally here - Laura over at I'm an organising junkie is hosting the 30-day organisational challenge. If you've not already signed up, then please do. It's going to be lots of fun.

You can choose to organise just one area (like your wardrobe, kitchen cupboard, corner of room) or an entire room. And she's got prizes!!!

I've decided to sort through our study/ home office area.

I took lots of pictures but I won't bore/ frighten you so I only posted the 3 worst ones.

Most of this area is sorted but I made a list (you know how I like my lists) of things I want to tackle here.

  1. Sell the Fitness Flyer - that white piece of exercise equipment.

  2. Sort out those boxes. Most of them belong to Dion although I have one memory box. I will be very happy if they could all be thrown out but since realistically, that won't be possible, they must at least move to our garage.

  3. Sell the film projector - my husband was a TV & Film major yonks ago.

  4. Sort out the boxes of teaching & audio tapes. I would just throw them out but my husband is a tad sentimental.

  5. Tidy and declutter this cupboard. The shelf right at the bottom is where I store spare gifts. I need to sort out shelves 1 and 4 (household stuff). I'm not allowed to touch the middle two shelves because they're his. But maybe I can leave it disorganised but make it look prettier.

  6. I have to declutter 3 boxes of files that are very neat and organised (I can find anything I want within a minute) but I haven't looked at them for 18 months so they can probably go. It's all my research on time management, goal-setting and so on.

  7. Declutter the bookshelf above my one desk. It is neat enough but there are a lot of books I could donate to the library, sell or give away.
all the boxes

Fitness Flyer

Shelves 1 & 4

You'll notice that a lot of things has to do with my husband! So I have negotiated a reward for us. Aside from that wonderful feeling of peace we'll have, that is. And if you've coached with me, you know I'm a BIG believer in rewards!
When we get this place sorted out, we will be treating ourselves to a beautiful oregon pine bookshelf. Then we can throw the old one out!
Are you joining in the challenge? Let me know in the comments!
And even if you don't have a blog, there is nothing stopping you from taking your before and after posts and emailing them to me. I would be very happy to post the best ones here.


Debi said...

Sounds like you've got such a good plan in place that you'll have that room in tip-top shape in no time! Good luck! Can't wait to see your "after" shots...and a picture of your big reward!

Barb, sfo said...

I would love to hear how you deal with your husband's stuff. That is not a problem in my "challenge room" but it is in other areas of the house.

A Juggling Mum said...

Good Luck with the challenge, I'll be watching your progress with interest :)

Rachel xxx

Coach J said...

Hey! I found you! Gosh, I think I'm in over my head here. Your gameplan sounds wonderful! I didn't realize that maybe I should make a wishlist of what should be done for my area.
And since you opened the door, tell me what pieces of furniture you liked for my room. (Hope that's not considered cheating, but I really am decorationally challenged, and disorganized!) And if this IS cheating, don't comment! Happy house clearing!!

Coach J said...

Uh, oh! Please forget that "you opened the door to the furniture in my room"--that was another comment. (I'm so embarrassed!)

boliyou said...

You've organized your plan well. Good luck with your project!

org junkie said...

Hey Marcia, thanks for joining in the fun! I'm enjoying reading your comments to the others as I make my way around.
You are very encouraging!!
Good luck with your hubbie!

Carrie said...

Isn't it funny how so many of us have piles of "hubby clutter" that we're not allowed to touch, yet he won't touch them either?
I'm seriously considering buying a blowtorch and permanently curing the problem, LOL.