Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Power tools for wimps

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Here in South Africa, we pay for plastic grocery bags. So because I’m a cheapskate and I hate plastic bags anyway, we bought a couple of the material bags for our shopping. The problem is there is no place to store them.

So I want to hang them from the side of my pantry/ laundry cupboard. I LOVE using little-known spaces, less-obvious spaces. (Will do a post on this soon).

I have tried to put up hooks on this cupboard many, many times. Honestly! I keep trying a new version of a hook hoping that it will stay…to no avail. They all fall off.

So I got clever. Now we are not handy people like Lara and we definitely don’t own any power tools. But we do have a hammer. Dion was a bit nervous that I’d mess up the cupboard but I gave it a go nonetheless.

This is the mess of shopping bags before.

And here is the after... I was so pleased with this result; you’d swear I built a house or something. Oh but I forget – this is like building a house for someone as craftily challenged as I am.

And one more nail for good measure!

I also put up a keyholder (this was on the task list for our handyman when we next summon his very excellent services). Check how beautifully those nails are hammered in! ;)

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And while you’re surfing, say hi to a blogger today but first, tell me how handy are you around the house?


Karen said...

Great place for the bags! We get plastic bags from the grocery and I have a bag holder on the doorknob of the back door that I stuff them into so I can reuse them.

I'm fairly handy around the house when it comes to hanging things and doing simple jobs, but my hubby is the master of all things handy around here. We bought a couple of rental houses that needed completely renovated and he taught himself everything from basic plumbing to rebuilding window frames in the walls. I'm not that skilled, but I do have my own hammer.

Atasha said...

Looking good! Isn't it amazing what a mess bags can make? I shove all mine under the sink even though I made a pouch for them.

I am actually the handy one here. Most broken things I can fix. I am the one who:
~puts up the curtains and rods
~put together any desk, table or machine that we purchase
~I sew too and made most of my son's baby clothing
~hook up the components in the entertainment center CORRECTLY that's me

palmtreefanatic said...

great job! super idea! have a great day!!!

MonkeyKisses - Liz said...

may i ask where you got the reusable shopping bags.. I would love to do that to help our enviroment!!!!

Pearls of Wisdom said...

Great job ! Thanks for sharing! I like your blog . Great inspiration and ideas. Please stop by for a visit sometime.

Angel Mama ():) Pearls of Wisdom

jdoriot said...

I'm switching over to cloth bags too...still trying to decide where to hang them. Thanks for sharing!

Ribbon Rock Star said...

Looks great!


Sandra said...

I'm so glad I found your blog through Janice's.....I came from South Africa to the states 8 years ago and my family is still all there in Johannesburg...

LOVE South Africa and miss it dearly :)

Great job on the shopping bags!!!

org junkie said...

Well I'm impressed because that is about how handy I am too! I think Lara needs to give us some power tool lessons :)


The Lazy Organizer said...

That is some mighty fine hammering! You know a power drill is just as easy and a lot more fun!!

I will never switch to cloth bags because I use the plastic bags faster than I can get them! How's that for recycling?