Monday, February 16, 2009

I have a fabulous giveaway for all entrepreneurs or WAHMs

Well, are you in for a treat!

My friend, Kim Reddington, has just launched a new e-course and she's kindly offered a free copy to one of my blog readers.

This e-course is perfect for you if you're a WAHM or a blogger who makes money from their blog, or really, any sort of mom with a business leaning.

Work-life balance is hard enough but when it's your own business, it can get even harder as you juggle multiple balls in the air.

And this is where this e-course comes in.

Kim's written a 7-part e-course, Finding Balance as an Entrepreneur Mom, specifically to help you get that balance back in your life.

The rules

  1. Please make sure we can find you so either leave your email in your comment or make sure your email comes through on the comment.
  2. All you have to do to get an entry into the contest is comment on this post and answer this question:
    What is your biggest challenge in trying to find a balance among your business, your family, and your own needs?
  3. The contest runs from Mon - Fri this week and closes on 20th at 3pm EST.
  4. Kim will pick the winner and I'll post the winner's name on Monday 23rd. If the winner doesn't respond to my email within 48 hours, we'll pick another winner.
  5. You get an extra entry if you blog about the contest on your own blog and link back here. Make sure you leave an extra comment and tell us where you blogged it, okay?

Let the games begin!


Anonymous said...

My biggest challenge is making time for ME.

I did blog about this today, and you can read my post at

Perfect timing! (you'll see why)

Lynn said...

My biggest challenge is knowing when to switch off. It is so easy to get engrossed in work and not notice the time. Similarly, it is easy to get tied up doing things with the family (which is not a chore I know) and then feel guilty because it took longer than expected so something I was planning to do work related just doesn't get done.... How do you co-ordinate work/family/me time so everything gets done?!!! And yes, I am aware this is just more than one challenge, but then that's life all over - full of contradications and unexpected things that continually throw you (or me at least, lol!) off balance!

Anonymous said...

I make , I am not a Mom but I take care of 17 pets (left-over from fostering over 300). I also work in a nursing home. You can imagine that I have a hard time finding balance and time - maybe if my day was longer or I didn't need so much sleep (hahah). My biggest challenge is the paperwork - there is more of it then I can sanely handle. I can make 200 lbs of food and take care of all the critters a day, but to find time for the paperwork and me - that's just not "in the cards". I would love to win the contest and see if I can find some extra time!
Dee Finch

I'm The Queen of My Castle said...

I could definitely use this. I need something to give me a direction and to give me a better idea of what I am doing wrong. My house, business and life is a mess--help!

I'm The Queen of My Castle said...

Ok, I wrote a post about your contest, but since I'm new to all this, I don't know how well it did, but here is the link for you to check it out.