Thursday, February 26, 2009

What would you like to declutter next month?

Tomorrow is the last day we'll be decluttering our home offices.

I'm thinking we should do our computers next month....what do you think? Email, photos, documents, blogs, bookmarks, etc.

Or otherwise, what would you prefer?


fruitfulwords said...

Oh my, decluttering my computer would be a great idea! I never really think about it until I've "lost" something or there is a computer porblem.

Anne Alagna said...

What about garages, basements and attics? You know: all the places we put things to forget them for years.

Me said...

I'd like to do computers. I have 2 I should declutter - I use my son's computer but I also have an old one that is still in use.

Military Momz said...

Computers definitely, emails and documents, LOL!!!

Diane said...

I already have plan for next month. I have a week off of work so I am going to be decluttering and redoing our spare bedroom. I have ideas on how I want it set up. The one thing that I have learned from many is to have a purpose for a room so it just doesnt go back to the dumping spot. Watch my blog I will post the before, during and after ones mid-March or so .
I will do the computer along with you too .

Marcia Francois said...

Thanks everyone.

Anne, I don’t mind doing that on the blog but... I actually don’t organise these spaces – we don’t have basements and attics in Jhb and I don’t do garages (too dirty LOL)

So I’d have to ask for some guest posters – so I will keep that idea for later this year :)

Megan@Disorder2Order said...

Craft supplies!

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