Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What is clutter?

Because the August Declutter Challenge starts on Friday, I thought I'd post about clutter.

Clutter is anything you don't love or use.

Don't love
In this category, some things that immediately come to mind are gifts you receive, old furniture you're keeping around just because

Let's take it a step further and talk about clothes.

When I declutter my own clothes or talk to clients about theirs, I ask, "does it make you feel WOW?"

If you wear clothes that make you feel like a deflated balloon inside, then they're clutter and they need to go.

We only wear 20% of our clothes most of the time anyway, so let that 20% make you feel WOW.

Don't use
What falls into this section?

All those margerine containers, empty bottles, plastic containers you keep thinking you'll find something to store in or use someday.

Beware of that word someday because it indicates to me that you're a hoarder.

I'm all for keeping a few containers but that's just it - a few!

My scale is one of the most well-used things in my kitchen so I use the actual measuring container plus MANY others like the plastic punnets that mushrooms are sold in. We buy mushrooms every week so they start to pile up. Like last week. So last weekend when I was cooking, I measured for all the things I was cooking and when those punnets were dirty, I simply tossed! So now, the punnet situation is looking reasonable again.

Don't overcomplicate things - run your stuff through the clutter test and if your things fit the bill, DECLUTTER!

Are you joining me on Friday?

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HDMac said...

I am definitely getting ready for Friday. I already have about 10 pictures of areas that I am going to do! lol... I probably won't post all but it is my "visual" reminder (as IF I need a visual reminder!) of the areas I want to attack!!! I have my desk divided into 4 sections for the challenge. (It is a big roll top so I think that makes it work!) Since I do work full time I am scheduling the smaller projects for the weeknight and the larger projects for the weekend. Declutter, declutter, declutter! I think I am MORE than borderline hoarder but not in every aspect. Mine is office stuff, recipes, magazines and craft materials!! (As if that isn't enough!!) Thanks!

HDMac, the other Marcia