Friday, July 18, 2008

Ask the organiser - running your business with children

Do you have any advice on how to handle running a home-based business when you have kids (toddlers) running around the house? How do I make calls when I have a screaming 3 year old in the background???


Ivette Toler
Yes, Ivette, I do have some advice. It all comes down to planning :)
Also, you're going to have to get really focussed ANY time you manage to work on your business.
1. Make a note of your child's routine for a few days. What time does your toddler take a nap/ eat/ play? For how long? Use these times for various business activities.
2. Use the nap time to immediately get on the phone and make all your calls. Let your incoming calls go to voicemail and tell them when you'll return their calls. And then stick to it.
3. When you need to do computer work at your desk, set up a workspace for your child in the same room that you work in. The child can colour in, draw, build puzzles or play while you do your work.
4. Can you either pay a babysitter a couple of hours a week, or get together with another WAHM and pool resources? Use the time only for KEY income-producing activities, not for "busy" work.
5. Register for my free teleclass, 3 Keys to Business Success, on Thursday 31 July at, where I'll be sharing specific ways to plan and organise your week.
Any other tips for Ivette? Share in the comments.


Megan@Disorder2Order said...

Since I have two (both under 5) kids at home I think the most important thing is to establish realistic goals for yourself. We so desperately want to be successful, but lets face it, we need to be realistic! I only work part time so it's logical to think that I really work just a few hours each day. I have a business plan that is my best asset! It keeps me on track and allows me to know what I can and can't do.

Ivette Toler said...

Thank you so much Marcia for posting my question. I think you are absolutely right! my biggest challenge is the time scheduling. I am the one that needs to set some times for baby is the only one that is on a schedule. My son on the other hand doesnt really have one. I think that having a set time for him to nap is key, so that I can get calls returned at that time.
I am still waiting for my site to be finished. But the here is the address:
Hope you are getting better from your surgery and recover fast! :)

Ivette Toler