Sunday, July 20, 2008

Menu Plan Monday 21 July/ the price of food in Ireland

White Horse Inn - Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland

This was one of those genuine Irish pubs. We walked in and that guy wearing white in the top right corner was sitting with a guitar, singing a drinking song (I don't drink, so I can't tell you which one).

This section is very "pub" but when you walk through to the restaurant area, it was beautifully furnished and quite "glam". We took pictures but the lighting wasn't right so the pics are VERY dark.

Now here's the thing - you know I'm obsessed with the price of food - we had a supper of two chicken stirfries and lamb sausage, a cheesecake, tea and a cappucino, and the bill came to 55 Euro (R680/US$92). And that was in Kinsale which is a tiny, tiny place (cheap compared to Dublin) :)

So why should you menu plan? I wrote an article on it called How to Menu Plan and save you time and money - go have a read :)

Well, this week's menu looks like this:

Stirfried chicken, veggies and noodles (mine comes to probably R20 a portion/ $2.60 :))

Spaghetti bolognaise

Tomato and vienna casserole, carrots and rice

Eating out

Burgers and chips

Just for fun - what's your favourite, QUICK meal to cook?

I'll go first - mine is stirfried chicken and noodles, otherwise anything with pasta (if I say so myself, I make good pasta :))

Your turn :)


*mindi* said...

our favorite (cooked) fast meal, is a pasta also.

fettuccine alfredo with asparagus

boil some fettuccine, and after it boils about 4 minutes, add some cut up asparagus. about 5 minutes later, drain and add your butter, cream, nutmeg, parmesan cheese, salt and pepper.

fast, one pot, DELICIOUS, and a little fattening. ;) but did i mention that it's DELICIOUS??

sometimes we swap out broccoli, and used to occasionally add grilled chicken, but asparagus is the best.

annie said...

I love pasta too!
How are you feeling?

My favorite quick meal of late is making quesadillas. I keep frozen fajitas (chicken) strips in the freezer and can make them in minutes. I also keep avocados on hand to mix up some guacamole. Yum!

Kristin said...

Favorite quick meal is chicken tacos....I just throw chicken and corn, black bean salsa in a crock pot until its cooked this shred it with the yummy salsa. Then pile it in shells and add your favorite toppings! :)
Cool Blog Marcia, you have some great tips here!

Lee said...

Our favorite is Spinach Salad topped with leftovers or whatever is on hand. In large salad bowls, we place a good sized layer of spinach and then top with cold vegetables, nuts, fruit (love blueberries), cheese (usually feta), and a large chunk or smaller pieces of leftover meat (salmon or chicken). We top with homemade vinegarette (olive oil, a flavored balsamic vinegar, and a little honey to take away the "bite") that we keep made up. Sometimes we also serve crusty bread or crackers.