Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I fired my cleaning lady

Those of you who have been reading my blog since the beginning of the year know we've had some cleaning lady hassles.

Well, the frustration with this 2nd one has been building and this weekend, I called her up and fired her.

And you know what? I feel relief about it.

Yes, I have to now do my own cleaning but that's fine - at least I don't have the expectation of a house in order only to come home and find that it's not done properly!

Back to the drawing board!

What are you tackling this week?


corrin said...

i would give anything for a cleaning lady! just once a week to do the kitchen and bathrooms.

SB said...

Hey there Marcia, i know wen u have a cleaning lady you expect all to be done according to yr standards, but wen u come home to find half the work not done, or a job done imperfectly, u wanna hit the roof! Here in Tanzania its easy to get a day maid who can do all yr housework, i have trained mine to do the cooking too! Dealing with them requires a great deal of patience. So they have their goods points and bad too....