Sunday, March 23, 2008

10 weird things about me & the menu for the week

Megan from the Disorder to Order blog tagged me for the 10 weird things meme.

  1. I love cold weather. We're in South Africa with some of the best weather in the world, so this is weird for these parts ;)
  2. I don't mind my car dirty on the outside but I cannot stand it dirty on the inside.
  3. One of my favourite things to eat is wholewheat toast with Melrose cheese spread spread very lightly with Mrs Balls Extra Hot fruit chutney. Yummy!
  4. I would much rather have a nice, clean kitchen than a romantic dinner out. AND I was quoted for this quirk in Shape magazine in 2006!
  5. On New Year's Eve, for fun, I set my goals for the year. My husband tells me this is weird :)
  6. I hate surprises. All of them :) I share this weirdness with Oprah so I'm in good company.
  7. When I go to the gynae, I take a pair of socks to cover my feet.
  8. I only like watching happy, positive movies, preferably romantic comedies. I don't mind legal thrillers but the outcome must be just - the bad guys must get caught - otherwise I really hate it. And I'll watch almost anything with John Cusack in it!
  9. When I'm engrossed in a book, I turn into someone else if you DARE interrupt me.
  10. I really hate baby and wedding showers. Now the last time I blogged about this, so many people emailed me and agreed with me, yet they still go, because it's tradition. So for me, the weird thing is that I just don't go. That's my boundary and I stick to it.

Oooh, now for the fun part.

I'm tagging Suzanne Babb, Rachel Pulido and Beth Dargis. And anyone else who wants to play along - yes, that's YOU!

So what are we eating this week?

In South Africa, we have a public holiday on Monday (same as we had on Friday).

I read on someone's blog that in the US, you have to take an annual leave day if you want to observe Good Friday. My word! That will not go down well over here :)

Seriously though, is that right? What about in other parts of the world?

Chicken, rice and broccoli

Macaroni and cheese

Baked potatoes, vienna sausage and lentil sauce

Hot dogs and chips

Sausage, butternut and pasta bake, with cheese bread

What's on your menu this week? And don't forget to tell me if you guys get public holidays!


annie said...

Fun facts about you Marcia.
I actually like wedding and baby showers. Mostly if I am an attendee and not the one being given the shower though. I am not good in the pressure of looking pleased with a toaster... I am not a very excitable personality, if you can believe that!
Fun menu too!
No work holiday here. Normal work day Friday and Monday.
Happy Easter.

Megan @ Disorder2Order said...

You are a peach! :D

I have to say that the socks at the gyno (I'm from Chicago, what can I say...) is not weird at all, unless you are a guy... it's cold in there!

Annie said...

Your menu looks good.. we haven't had hotdogs here in so long as they are a outrageous price.

Canadian Saver said...

Your menu looks very good!

Interesting facts :-)

In Canada, everything is shut down on Good Friday and a lot of places are closed Monday as well (schools, Federal Govt, etc).

Crazy Daisy said...

Great menu plan.

Interesting you bring up not liking bridal showers. I'm supposed to plan one for my sister, and trying to make it more of a fun gathering than traditional. Any ideas to make it more enjoyable?

PlanningQueen said...

We have a public holiday in Australia on the Friday and it is tradition to eat fish/seafood. We also have Monday as the public holiday as well.

Jennifer said...

Hey Marcia! I haven't been by in forever, but came to check out your menu. Sounds yummy!

Good Friday - here, some businesses have it off and some don't. I guess I've never really thought about it since I'm not out there in the work force. And since hubby is a fireman, holidays are different for him. He works every 3rd day, no matter if it is a holiday, because someone always has to be on duty. He can request one off, but he only gets it if there is room for him to be gone. Those with seniority get to pick first, which days they want off.
Now that I'm thinking about it, I think that if it is your personal belief, (because some don't really care) you should be able to have it off without having to take an annual day. Times have so changed - my parents remember when everything was closed on Sundays. I remember when lots of things were still closed on Sundays. Businesses think it will hurt them - but it wouldn't - people would just make sure they got there shopping done on the other 6 days in the week!
Sorry, I got a little long winded there! Didn't mean to hijack your comments!

Have a wonderful week!

Marcia said...

Annie, NO, I can't believe you're not excitable :)

Megan, glad you enjoyed the facts. Well, I don't think the socks are weird too but the nurse commented on it the last time "we've never had anyone do that before" OY!

Annie2, those hotdogs were gorgeous last night :)

Canadian saver, thanks - now we know Canada also has both days as holidays :)

Crazy daisy, don't make the bride-to-be do stupid things (games, and so on) and you'll be fine :)

Planning Queen, so Australia is the same? Great! Actually, I was in Australia over an Easter weekend about 4 years ago. You guys go in for Easter there, big time :)

Jennifer Deaton, you are MOST welcome to hijack my comments :) Thanks for clarifying the holiday thing. It IS interesting, isn't it? My friend in Las Vegas tells me that you guys don't have many holidays at all, compared to South Africa. Shame!!!! :)