Thursday, September 17, 2009

An Outlook tip that will save you LOTS of time

I'm a big lover of "drag and drop". I drag and drop almost anything and everything within Microsoft Outlook.

Here are 3 of my favourite ways to save you time:

1. saving user names and passwords

When you sign up for a new website and they send you that confirmation email with your user name and password, drag and drop the email into either Contacts (my preferred location - no particular reason) or Notes.

It's very easy to use the search function to find what you're looking for and also to email the correct people if you need support. Maybe that's why I like Contacts better - you can send an email from there easier than with a Note.

2. saving email addresses

Drag and drop the entire email onto your Contacts. I like to do this the first time someone emails me (if there's a need to keep the email, like with a new client) so I have all the background and not only the person's email address.

It's also easier (and faster!) for me than opening the email, right clicking the person's name and then selecting "Add to Contacts".

3. diarising or scheduling events

Sometimes my friends and I will have an email discussion about getting together for breakfast, etc.

Once we decide on a date and time, I drag and drop the email onto my Calendar, change/ add what I need and then send it out as a meeting request. Saves me lots of time that I would have had to retype information.

What's your favourite "drag and drop" tip?


Robert said...

I am going to recommend an plug-in from, called "SimplyFile".

It's a great tool, in that it guesses in which folder you want to file email messages by analyzing your past filing choices, subject lines, dates, and sender info (and other data about your messages, I suppose).

A toolbar is at the top and if the folder listed in it is the correct one, you just push one button on the toolbar, and off it goes. If's it (rarely) the wrong folder, you can "quickpick" from the toolbar other guessed folders, or use a "quicksort" option to type the name of the folder while it pares down the list.

It can also create a meeting/appointment from the email, or a task on your task list.

It's great for cleaning out a full inbox, or maintaining it easily and simply.

Check it out, and a free trial at:

A good drag-n-drop tip is:

you can drag messages OUT of Outlook to a folder on your computer to keep the message with other related files, like spreadsheets, documents, PDFs, presentations, etc. That way you can have all your info in one list of files.

Krisi and Adam said...

What great tips. I just keep lots of different folders. One labeled registrations so I have a spot to put them all. Don't really want them all in my contacts. Thanks for the great information.

HDMac said...

I would love to use our Microsoft Outlook but I can't figure how to get my email to go into it... sigh! lol

Alex said...

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