Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A quick way to tidy your kitchen counters

I was getting annoyed with all this baby bottle sterilising paraphenalia on my counters - it just looked messy.

I do need to have it out since I'm using it a gazillion times every day with the twins.

So I put it all on a tray and instantly, the kitchen counter looks much neater.

I did the same thing with the nappies (diapers), bum cream and baby wipes. Doesn't it look nice and neat now?

Where can you use some containerising to make your home look neater?
  1. basket in your entrance hall to keep keys

  2. box to keep all the papers that need to be filed

  3. basket/ bowl on your bedside table for your hand lotion, pens, etc.

Your turn!

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Debbie said...

We had the same issue with shoes by the front door. We would call it the "Shoe Pile" and it looked AWFUL! But we threw a big pretty basket there and now the shoes go in the basket and weekly, my kids carry the basket from room to room and put the shoes away.

Marci @OvercomingBusy said...

Back when we had a bulky phone/answering machine combo, I put it in a shallow basket on the kitchen counter underneath the outlets with a pad of paper and a couple pens. It was a lot nicer to look at!

se7en said...

Hi there, I use trays all the time, it corals stuff... we have school science bits and bobs and experiments with all sorts of things that expand the length of the universe if you are not watchful!!! I pop them on a tray and suddenly they are contained and manageable. Have a good day!

Anonymous said...

Baskets for shoes by the front door, key to decluttering. Each kid gets their own banana straw basket. The start of school started with runs up and down the stairs for socks so I wised up and put a matching basket of socks by the shoe baskets. Brilliant!

forgetfulone said...

Great ideas! Quick question... I hate my breadbox. What can I use to store bread besides a bread box?

custom computer desk said...

I also have some issues with all the papers I have on my table that I often put some important files on the trash coz i thought it was! I never had the time to file all those but I guess I should be starting!