Friday, September 05, 2008

The Friday Declutter Challenge - 5 Sept 2008

Edited to add - new button courtesy of Amanda - yayyy, thanks Amanda

I decided to not get cutesy with the name although I did like Diane's suggestion of Friday Flings best. The thing is, you can fling, delete (emails), donate, etc. and fling seemed too prohibitive.

Anyway, here we are, just 5 days since the August Declutter Challenge ended and I want to know:

How are those spaces looking?

The Declutter Tip for this week is...
Sweep through those previously organised spaces every week for 5 minutes to check that everything is still in order because you don't want to get back to what it was like before.


Put a reminder in your phone, in Outlook, on a sticky note, in your planner, somewhere so you don't forget.

So back to this week's challenge:

These slippers are what I'm decluttering this week. I've had them since I got married over 13 years ago. In fact, I bought them the first week after we returned from our honeymoon.

When you give them a wash, they look really cute :) But I've only been hanging onto them because it reminds me of the now that I'm writing about it and honouring the memory, I feel that I can let them go!

What have you decluttered this week? Link up so we can all see.

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HDMac said...

Good morning, Marcia! My kitchen, I have added a pitcher out for a decor on one counter. I also brought my food saver back onto the counter for now. I use it often and it was not convenient in the cabinet where I found a home for it... so that I am still working on. I am so happy with the decluttered area, almost obsessive to keep it that way! lol

On to my procrastination project and my decluttering challenge for this month. Have posted a pic of the desk and of the things decluttered so far this week! :) Looking forward to seeing what our other friends have decluttered this week!

Love those slippers!! :)

HDMac said...

PS. YAHOO! I was checking my emails and I got my certificate!!!! Thank you again!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Will you be adding a Mr. Linky to this?

Anonymous said...

In a nutshell I have been working on decluttering piles of papers. I've even helped myslef by buying some folders and filing away the important ones.

Janet in Toronto said...

I started in on one of my biggest problem areas: books. I came up with some criteria for what goes. It's all in my post!

Thanks for continuing to host this effort.

Janet in Toronto

Me said...

It's nice that you are helping us in our decluttering by continuing to have Mr Linky on your site for us to see what everyone else is doing. Thank you!

Amanda said...

Thanks for continuing this challenge! Those slippers are very cute. They remind me off my winie the pooh slippers that I probably havent worn in aleast 5 years.. They should probably go. Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I decluttered 4 big bags worth of stuff this week! What's inside of the bags you ask? Mostly, old clothes, shoes, and toys. Next time I'll take a picture of the actual stuff so you can see!

Anonymous said...

I just saw that my Mr. Linky links you to the wrong post on my blog! Sorry about that. To see what I've decluttered, click on my blog home to see latest post!

Amanda said...

I emailed you with a quick button I made

Ria said...

Thank you Marcia for continuing the effort.
This week mine was to get to the bottom of the blog and start working on what really matters! Organizing!
I have also added a new file under Neatly Filed called Pay it Forward, my way of saying Thank You!
Have a great week!

HDMac said...

Amanda did a GREAT job on your declutter challenge button!!! :)

Look forward to using it next Friday when I post my "declutter"!! I have been busy, busy!

Hope all is well with you!