Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Have you switched your clothes around yet?

Whether you're in the Southern or Northern Hemisphere, the seasons have changed and it's time to switch your clothes around.

My goal is to have all my clothes comfortably in one wardrobe. This is 98% - I have 6 pairs of corduroy pants hanging in another bedroom.

I remember YEARS ago when I first started working I had about 5 things to wear for work. It was so quick to get dressed in the mornings because there wasn't much choice.

Even though most of my clothes fit in one wardrobe, I still switch things around because I put all the current season's stuff on the right of my cupboard - the left door stays closed most of the time.

If you look closely, you'll see long-sleeved shirts on the top left and long-sleeved suits on the bottom left. Those are my winter clothes.

Do you switch your clothes around? If yes, have you done yours yet? Can you declutter any items?


Jessica said...

Nope, haven't switched them around yet! But then again, in Northern California we have this weird phenomenon called Indian Summer, where the summer whether usually keeps up clear into October, when it immediately turns to cooler/wet winter weather...so I haven't much needed warm winter clothes yet! But maybe instead of rotating my clothes I should just do a clothes declutter for fall--my dresser could certainly use more free space :)

Me said...

I have a pile of t-shirts for the summer and a pile of long-sleeved t-shirts for the winter as I prefer to wear only cotton. We didn't have a very warm summer so I wore my 'winter' slacks throughout the summer. At home I wear my 'at home' clothes - t-shirts and shorts all year around.

Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

I love organising my wardrobe (closet) and have all my work clothes to the left and weekend clothes to right.

My mum kindly does my washing and ironing but it drives me nuts when she hangs something on the wrong side... and don't get me started if she uses the wrong hanger!!


Anonymous said...

I haven't switched them around yet, but it's time. I dug through my chest yesterday to find a mock turtleneck. I have a surprising amount of stuff, and a tiny area in which to keep it all. I need to get rid of some. I'd love to have it all fit in one place. Look how much space you have between your hangers!

Kathy in MD, USA