Monday, May 19, 2008

How to organise (5) - organise according to your personality

The key to organising successfully is to have a system that works for you.

It's okay to be different! You don't have to feel guilty about being a visual person and wanting more around your house than a minimalist has.

If you try too hard to adapt yourself to a style that's not comfortable, it will not be sustainable in the long-term (and by long-term, I mean more than a week).

I recently ran a tidy desk competition on this blog, and the different types of desks are testament to the different personalities we all have.

I personally like to start with an uncluttered workspace and have just the project I'm working on in front of me because I get distracted if I see lots of other papers.
However, I know someone else who works very comfortably with piles of paper all over her desk. My way freaks her out and her way doesn't work for me either. But that's okay because it works for each of us.

Remember to note down your requirements before you go shopping for a new desk so you're sure that it suits you.
  1. Do you like things visible?
  2. Do you want a small desk to fit into a corner of a room?
  3. Do you need a full-on desk with lots of drawers?

The way to make sure that your system is still effective is to keep asking yourself, "does this still work for me?"
If circumstances change, change the system!
Happy Organising!
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How to maintain your organised space

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