Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Draft blogger works for me

Early in April I read about draft blogger on a works for me wed post.

I immediately set out to try it because that's what I do - I am impatient about learning new things and I just can't wait to try things out.

Oh my word - and it worked beautifully, so I set up the next week's worth of posts which all posted on time.

And I was hooked.

I'd considered moving my blogger blogs to wordpress because of exactly this functionality since as you know, I plan my blog posts.

Not anymore. Or at least not for that reason.

This feature enabled me to write up all the posts and schedule them to publish while I'm away on holiday.

I love it! And it's definitely working for me.

  • Simply log into and
    you'll see your normal dashboard.
  • Type your post and change the post date and time.
  • Click Publish and you'll get a "this will be published on _______" message.
  • As easy as that - you are done!

BTW, my website and Clutter Control Freak are both on wordpress and I can't figure out how to increase the font size there. Can you help?


Lorraine said...

Word press - you need to find the CSS for the theme you are using, and then comb through there and find the text you want to change and change it. I can do it, but working with CSS always makes my head after a while.

Anonymous said...

I love the scheduling feature of Blogger as well. I am just starting to try it out. It helps if you have the time to actually write them ahead of time. :)

Good news though you don't have to sign in through Blogger in Draft anymore. The feature went live. Blogger in draft is for features they are still testing. Now you can post like you regularly do and just change the date to when you want it to post.

Happy Vacationing!

mindi said...

very COOL!! I'll have to try that!

Daiquiri said...

I just discovered scheduling posts too! What a time saver! Now I blog at night after the kids go to bed, and just change the dates under "post options". It always seems like a small miracle when check things in the morning and find that it was posted, just as planned! :)

Mrs Nespy said...

I love, love, LOVE this tool! I also give it 100% approval!

Jessica said...

Thanks for sharing how to do this, I didn't realize blogger had added this feature! said...

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