Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Works for me Wednesday - date night

Since this is the Love Edition, I'll tell you about something that definitely works for us. And that is date night.

Dion and I have a date night twice every month. During this time, we are not a boring husband and wife but we are dating. So he will send me a meeting request to block out the time (this is how nerds like us flirt with one another and hey, it works for us).

We dress nicely, I wear a bit more make-up than usual and wear clothes that he likes. And he wears navy or black because I happen to think he looks very handsome in dark colours (you will agree if you look at pictures on our travel blog).

this picture is in front of our dining hall, where we first fell in love

And this is key - we do not talk about paying the phone bill, chores in the house, etc. We just use the time to enjoy one another's company again.

We have a book of ideas so every time one of us thinks of a restaurant we want to try or something we want to do, we write it in the red book (red for love, see?) so we always have lots of ideas. Because I don't like to be boring!

And that's what works for us! For more ideas on the love theme, head on over to Shannon's blog to check out links to the other posts.


Anonymous said...

:) lol nerds like you - what a comment.

Anyhow - this is interesting to me because there is no way i can set a date night with S because of his weird working hrs - we do try to schedule us time but not in this fashion. I cant imagine him jotting anything down in any other book other than his work diary & i dont think it would include things for us to do together..
Hmmm - in my experience i usually come up with the ideas and he says ok, very rarely will he say oh lets go here or there - i guess i shouldn't complain at all but it would be nice if he would surprise me once in a while. He's just never been a "romantic" - he has on occasion tried. Living the hectic lifestyle we do if we see eachother sometimes it's a bonus these days :) When it comes to Friday i'm exhausted! I'm all for trying to plan these things but i dont think it would necessarily work for us as our career lives are so opposite with him being a musician.
I think it's great you have D who does these things for you!

It's a real juggle with time and energy!

Enjoyed reading this ;)

Amy Jane said...

I like the idea of a specific place for you to both write ideas for places to go and things to do.

We have people occasionally offer to watch the kids, and having a ready list of ideas for that time would be really cool.

Thanks for the tip!

Larae said...

VERY good ideas. I think I want to start up a "red" book idea! That sounds fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing. Happy Valentine's Day! =)

Marcia said...

Nikki - hey! Nice of you to visit the blog! You know what I'm going to say, don't you? You have to MAKE time - it is not just going to happen. Your date night can be a quick coffee/ early supper in the week. Doesn't have to just be on the weekend. Whatever works for you guys. And remember, I'm not the most romantic person in the world so it's not about romance, per se!

Amy Jane - it really does help to have it written down somewhere.

Larae - thanks!!! I did a whole series of workshops on Awesome Relationships last year for couples and I gave each couple a book for exactly that purpose. They all LOVED it.

Makita said...

I send him emails to remind him to block time as well. I guess we're nerds, too. :)

Love the 'Red Book' idea. :)