Monday, February 26, 2007

Menu plan Monday - 26 Feb 2007

It seems we are on a roll! This week we stuck to the menu plan 100%. Woohoo. Small things like this really make me happy.

I am really trying to stick to Weigh-Less 90-95% of the time so that I can reach my goals!

Stirfried chicken, veggies and noodles

If you've been visiting for a bit, you'll notice that we have stirfry at least once a's the quickest way to get my husband eating lots of vegetables. And I like it on a Monday as it just feels like we're starting the week off on a good note!

Baked potatoes with chilli kidney bean sauce

Spaghetti bolognaise and a green salad

Marcia - chicken lentil curry

Dion - beef and vegetable pie (we were out on the weekend and so we bought some "fun" food)

Egg on toast

Nice and low maintenance. I have a standing online chat from 7 - 7.30pm my time every Friday evening with Beth so I'm going to start doing something simple like this from now onwards.

For more menu plan Monday participants, go on over to Laura's blog.


Terri @ In His Hands said...

Great recipes! Congrats on sticking to your menu plan!

UKZoe said...

That spaggetti bolognese looks nice, I'll have to think about posting photos on mine.

annie said...

Have a great week.

JennaG said...

You have a wonderful menu plan--everything sounds delicious. I love curry so will have to try your recipe. God bless!

Marcia said...

Terry - thanks for visiting again. I have tried to comment on your blog but it keeps bombing me out.

UKZoe - yes, it is very nice. I got the ideas about the lentils from some vegetarian friends. And they're so healthy!

Annie - hi. How are your 4 blessings doing???

Jenna - thanks for stopping by. I also looovee curry. I don't make it as well as my mother does and for years I didn't even try. Then I wised up and realised that I'm the one who's missing out. LOL

Barb, sfo said...

Great recipes! Have a wonderful week.

JennaG said...

I'm glad I could make you smile! Hope you had a good day!

Rona's Home Page said...

Kudos Marcia, for sticking to your menu plan. That's everyone's goal.

Marcia said...

Thanks, you too

You certainly did LOL

Thanks a lot. I'm quite pleased with that.