Friday, November 20, 2009

What's your favourite comfort food?

It's unseasonably cold and rainy in Johannesburg.

Has been like this since Tuesday.

Of course, I love this weather - love love LOVE it - so have been an Energizer Bunny, cooking, cleaning, doing Christmas cards, etc.

One thing cold weather does for me is want to eat comfort foods like pasta, soup, anything potato, etc.

Actually, my favourite comfort food is mashed potato.

I so rarely make it from scratch that I had to take pictures!

adding milk and margerine...

and salt and lots of pepper...

What's your favourite comfort food?


Matryoshka said...

Mashed potatoes are definitely a great comfort food. I ate that during most of my last pregnancy nothing else sat quite as well. I can't eat the box stuff though needs to be homemade mashed potatoes for me. I love to add mushrooms or garlic to them too. Although it is in the top 3 comfort foods my favorite comfort food has to be rice and milk

Rachel said...

depending on my mood, chocolate, steaks, dark chicken or turkey, ham. And sometimes potatoes or potatoe based soups. And you can enhance any of it (except chocolate) with garlic and mushroom.