Thursday, November 26, 2009

Quick tip - easy grocery shopping

The rule in our house is that when we start running low on something, anything really, it goes on the shopping list. We then buy it when I do the weekly grocery shop.

Kendra is on a special formula that only comes in these tiny cans. It's also very difficult to find as only two stores near us stock it, so we have to be organised about the timing.

At her current rate of eating, we need 6 of these tins every month.

I learned my lesson once when I had to drive to about 4 different places to find her formula!

I'm very strict about not going to the shops except on my designated shopping day (the more I go, the more I spend - is that only me?) so here's how I keep track of when we're running low.

I mark the top of the can with numbers and then I stack the cans with the highest numbers in the front.

When I reach out and finally pull out the can marked 1, I know it needs to go on the shopping list.

Just in case someone else opens the can, I also write last can on the lid so there is absolutely NO confusion about when it needs to go on the list.

How often do you go grocery shopping and do you use a shopping list?
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P.S. Happy Thanksgiving to all my US readers! Enjoy your day.


Janet in Toronto said...

I shop probably three times a big shop, usually Monday, and then small shops for things we need unexpectedly or if dinner plans change.

I keep a notepad with a magnet on the fridge and have trained my family to write stuff there. If it's not on the list, I don't buy it (except my own personal impulse shopping). They're pretty good about jotting down things that we're low on or running out of.

se7en said...

Hi there... For every question there is a blog post!!! We shop once a month... its grueling three trollies: one for kids and two for takes two concentrated hours and we fortify ourselves with a trip to the coffee bar and a treat for everyone beforehand - afterwards we just want to get home! We have whittled what we need down to a standard list so our shopping list is usually short and just the unusual things - glitter for a project, ingredients for a new recipe and so on. The shopping is not nearly as bad as the unpacking afterwards... ug!

Here's our shopping post:

Hope you and your babies have a fabulous weekend!!!

Monali Mishra said...

We shop twice a month for all our needs.there is a magnetic note pad on the surface of refrigerator,where we write any item we are running low.All the members have to write whatever they need (even clothes,cosmetics and accessories) in this single notepad,so we don't miss anything for anyone while doing the doing two shopping sessions instead of once a month,we can tackle anything needed for unexpected menu plans,having too many guests etc.

fruitfulwords said...

Great idea with your numbering system. I'll tuck that useful nugget away for when I need it.

Terry said...

Love your blog. Yes I do weekly planning..usually on a Friday night or Sat morning. I created my own matrix where I have 7 rows for each day of the new week and columns for my meal plan, activities, and groceries for those meals. I transfer what I need to make the meals onto my own customized grocery list. My week is so much more organized and planned like more rush days.

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