Thursday, November 12, 2009

4 ways to schedule bathroom time better

I'm Karen from Washington state, USA.

Do you know any tricks for those of us in older homes with only one bathroom? I have a teenage son and a disabled husband who spends 2 hrs in there each morning. I can't get up any earlier (5:30am to let the caregiver in).

Karen, here's what I'd do to organise the time better:

  1. Allocate each person set "bathroom time" daily. The fastest person goes first so that the schedule is not thrown off if there are delays :)
  2. Everybody doesn't have to have their main bathroom time in the mornings. Can someone not do theirs in the evenings?
  3. To make the time more efficient, dressing must be done in the bedrooms.
  4. Have a bathroom caddy for each person which they bring into and take out of the bathroom when it's their time. This way the bathroom doesn't have to store unnecessary things.

Do you have one or more bathrooms family members have to share? How do you get everyone in and out quickly in the mornings?

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Jessica said...

teeth brushing can be done in the kitchen sink to cut down on tasks that must be done in the bathroom. With a mirror available, tasks such as shaving could potentially also be diverted to the kitchen sink.

Blowdrying hair, applying makeup, lotions, or other cosmetic routines that do not require the shower or toilet can be diverted to a dressing table in the bedroom or other locations in the house.

I definitely agree that it could be quicker to bring only a robe for after the shower and do the full dressing for work in the bedroom.

Does everyone value their privacy, or do some people in your family not mind company while they're using the bathroom? If he doesn't mind, while hubby's in the shower, honey can be using the sink or toilet or the mirror for other aspects of getting ready. Especially if you have solid or frosted shower curtains to provide significant privacy to those bathing.