Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Where are you NOT organised?

I noticed that many of my clients are organised in at least one area.

Like their baking area is really organised because they love to bake and it's the rest of the kitchen that's disorganised because they don't care about that.

Because I am always on the lookout for information and have lots of projects on the go at any one time, I can get disorganised very quickly with paper. That's why I dedicate one night every week to sort out my paper. You see, I know my weakness but I'm not making excuses for it; instead, I'm using a system that works for me.

Then, of course, you know I'm super-organised with my goals and with my time. And, of course, with my business.

It's the same for my husband.

He’s the most organised person at his work which may be why he relaxes somewhat at home. Like with his diary and planning, he’s super-organised and then with clothes and home stuff not so much.

He is also a list-maker of note (top movies, top books, goals for the month, etc).

So where are you super-organised and where are you NOT organised?


Britni said...

I'm really organized when it comes to anything on my computer. I have all sorts of folders and files. But then my room and desk is a mess. I really think it has to do with the space capability.

Melissa Murphy said...

Hey there,
I've been checking your blog for sometime now, and just realized that I never comment!

To answer your question; I am most organized in my clothes and shoes. My shoes especially... And my hair stuff. You know, all those important things. ;)