Wednesday, April 16, 2008

3 easy steps to grocery shopping

I LOVE grocery shopping.

I love browsing through the cleaning products aisle and looking through all the gorgeous fresh fruit and vegetables to see if anything inspires me to cook.

The only thing is it wasn't working for me.


Because it took FOREVER to do and I'd still get home without everything I needed and have exceeded our grocery budget!

So I changed a few things:

1. I eat before I set out the door
If you go shopping on a hungry stomach, you end up buying all sorts of rubbish, like chips, chocolates, sweets, doughnuts, etc. Not only that, I also noticed that I'd throw in other bits and bobs that were not on my list but somehow I justified to myself that I had to have it!

Anyone relate?

2. I plan my menu for the following week before I go shopping
I know exactly what I need to have to cook the meals on my menu planner, so I do a quick scan of my pantry cupboards to check the essentials, and then add things to my shopping list.

I then check to see if we have enough cereals, milk and yoghurts for breakfasts, fruit for snacks and milk, cheese and beef slices for lunches.

3. I make it into a game
I like to leave an hour total for driving there and back, and doing the shop. This has forced me to shop at a different time to the masses :) which is an hour before the shops close on a Friday night.

I also divide the monthly budget into 4 weeks and deduct some money for incidentals (bread and milk) during the week. Now armed with my budget, I see if I can get it all done and still come in under my target amount.

That's how I get it done and stay within my budget.

What works for you? Please share in the comments.


Unknown said...

What works for me is that I make the list and hubby gets the groceries. LOL!

You can find out what works for me ::here::

Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Great ideas, I am sure these will help stay on budget. I also love wandering the produce aisles!

Marcia Francois said...

I also get my hubby to do the groceries - he's better than I am at staying within the budget :)

Lindsay Spencer said...

Great tips! I think the time game thing would really help me. I go to Walmart and end up in the craft section with my cart full of groceries.