Wednesday, April 02, 2008

WFMW - organising my handbag

Today is a recycleable WFMW so what better time than to recycle and talk about one of my favourite things - my handbags :)

This is what I wrote last year...

I love handbags! Honestly – my mother used to tease me about it when I lived at home because I always had my handbag with me.

But you know what happens if you buy something that doesn’t suit your lifestyle? Everything is a mess and you can’t find anything in there.

By the way, I bought this one at House of Leather in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is a lovely versatile size and so is the colour. They also had lilac ones which were also stunning but I decided to go with this neutral colour.

So if I can, I try and choose a bag with the right amount of pockets. If you ever go into a handbag shop and you see a woman emptying all her stuff into a new handbag, that’s me ;) Because I want to make sure my diary fits nicely along with everything else .

The two bags pictured are absolutely perfect for me! I wish I had more exactly like them and I’ll tell you why now.

1. Two pockets – to separate the book stuff from the other stuff

2. The book portion has enough space for my A5 day planner, my small notebook and my business notebook (where I write my weekly business goals).

3. The other side has two little pockets. One for tissues, my little, orange calculator and a pen, and the other for my cell phone.

4. You can see my gorgeous, green wallet on the left, next to that my make-up bag and my blue pencil case.

So everything fits in beautifully.

Karen, here is the red handbag you commented on before.

But if I do use a bag with little or no pockets, then I use some see-through mesh bags (R12,99 for 3 different sizes at Sheet Street) to organise my stuff. It makes it so easy to find things and to change handbags.

This is what works for me.
Now, what does your handbag look like?


Sarah said...

How funny! Great minds think alike!! Your post is great!

Anonymous said...

Wow I want a purse taht my dayplanner will fit in. I'm not sure its size, guess I should measure it. Where di d you get yours?

Marcia Francois said...

Alyssa, that is one of my requirements!

I must have a bag that my planner fits in very easily ;)

The bag I got in Malaysia; the planner is by a Christian bookstore here in SA – it’s around the same size as the John Maxwell daily planners.

Anonymous said...

Very nice! I love purses too!!

Mrs. O said...

If only I could travel to Malaysia and snag a bag like that - it's great!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love the red purse. I wish I was brave enough to use a purse that was so brightly colored. I'm a bit timid and tend to go with neutrals or pastels.

Jen Stewart said...

I'm so impressed with all the great and organized bags! Thanks for checking out the portable garbage can I call a purse!

Lara said...

Very organized! Love all the pockets and sections. That makes it so much easier!

Anonymous said...

You truly are the Organizing Queen. That purse looks great!

Andrea said...

Love all the pockets. I agree the color is great.

Richelle said...

So organized! Looks great!

Anonymous said...

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