Friday, September 01, 2006

Spring has sprung!

Happy Spring Day!

Spring is the time of new beginnings, new growth and a new start!Even though the weather (here in Johannesburg) isn't really co-operating with the change of season, no reason for us not to start celebrating this new season.

Clutter stifles your creativity and the flow of any good things (like money, relationships, opportunities, etc.) into your life.

Think about which areas of your life are cluttered:
- your desk...
- your cupboards...
- your debts!
- your car...
- your garage...
- your to-do list...
- your relationships...

Don't get overwhelmed!
I want you to think about which areas you're not happy about and then jot down a few notes. Do it now.....I'll wait....

Right, now that you've made a list, it's time to take action.
Just do one thing every day for 15 minutes. If you do this every day in September, just imagine how much you can get done. (I made a business to-do list so I'll be doing this along with you).

If you need help,
go here. Bookings close for the Houghton workshop on Wed 6th September. Don't delay.

I will send out the monthly newsletter this weekend and also give you some testimonials from tomorrow's Organising Workshop. Also, look out for more information on Discovering Yourself early next week.

I'm only doing one of these workshops and then we're jetting off to Thailand!

Here is our
travel blog if you're interested -

Have a wonderful weekend!

Love and success
Marcia Francois

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