Sunday, August 20, 2006

I found some lists for you...

I found some great checklists for you here: You can try a few for free and then if you like her lists, you can buy the book. I bought the book a few weeks ago and I'm very happy.

I'm very careful before I recommend any products to my list but I can definitely recommend her stuff. Oh, by the way, I don't get any commission - I'm just a happy customer.

Don't you love lists? If you're coming to my organising workshops, you will get a free household organising file with 14 different lists and forms to help organise your life. (These are not the same ones here )

After this series of workshops is done, I will start selling the package of lists on my website, so if you ABSOLUTELY can't come, we'll miss having fun with you... but at least you can also buy online.
For more info on the workshops, read here:

Have a great week.

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