Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ask the organiser - finding the right handbag

Is it normal to want to switch purses about as much as you change your underwear because you can't find one that is "just right"?

Part of my problem is I can find a planner that I want to stick with. I feel comfy with a 3 ring binder planner, but I guess can't make up my mind what size. I don't really want to carry around a lot and I guess I try to be like the other moms around me but my situation is different; I sometimes would like to just have a pocket planner, but I like to see details, ya know?

I am a mom, wife, have a part-time Avon business, work overnights, and am the only driver, I keep track of all administrative aspects of the house and am just confused. Do you think I should just stop and analyse what I like and need and stop trying to adapt to other people...

Charity Wilt

It is absolutely normal to want to keep switching purses (I call them handbags). That's because either you haven't found what works for you, or you don't want to accept what is right for you and your situation. There's no point having a tiny bag if you have lots of stuff you need to carry around.

You are comfortable with your 3-ring binder and it's working for you, so EMBRACE that. Don't try and be like all "the other moms" because your situation and theirs is so different.

About the size, I understand you don't want to lug around a huge binder because a) it's unattractive and b) it's heavy so my suggestion is to experiment going to a slightly smaller size and see if that compromises much on how much detail you can see on the pages. You should be able to tell after about a week if it's working for you or if it's cramping your style, in which case, switch back :)

I think with the handbags there are two things that happen to me:
  1. I get bored with using the same handbag day after day after day, which is why I have about 20 (tell your husband - he'll think you're great for only having 6!)
  2. I do find that I can use one for a long time if it's really functional.

I bought this beauty a few weeks ago. I love this colour because I feel sassy whenever I wear red. Also, there are so many pockets which means everything has a place and I never have to hunt for anything in this bag. Which also means it stays neat and tidy, another bonus!

I've used this one for the last 3 weeks non-stop without getting irritated (which is big, for me).

So, Charity, getting back to your question... I think you'll keep changing bags until you find a really functional one that also looks good. Definitely make a list of what you're looking for so you can keep your eyes open, and also when you're in the store, repack your things and "fit on" the bag so you can see if it works for you.

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Anne said...

I love that you love red! That purse is adorable! I have one in a similar configuration, but boring beige because I couldnt get up the nerve to buy something that wasnt black or tan. ANYWAY, the configuration, it is great! I have a pocket for everything and I never loose stuff. When I zip into the convenience store and grab a bottle of soda and a candy bar (yes, I said it!), they fit in there too. But my planner... it doesnt fit. It is the mid-size Franklin planner (pages are 5x8 inches and binder ends up 8x10x3 inches) and it is too big for most "normal" size bags. I love my planner. Really. But I would love to hear about what type of planner you use and how it works for your multi-functional life... all while fitting in your purse.

Love the red!

Anonymous said...

I love bags that have many pockets and end up stuffing every single one with stuff. I wish I could switch bags to go with my outfit but that would mean transferring some stuff and then maybe missing something important. So I stick to one bag...till it wears out. I do switch to small bags for special outings and transfer only my wallet. So, do you just switch your everyday bag every couple of weeks or whenever you like?

HDMac said...

I am trying to find a handbag that works for me! :) I like compartments to organize.

Marcia, I have an award for you on my blog. I get such rewards from your blog that I wanted to share with you. I know it says to award it to 15 others but that does seem like a lot so, you just do what you want with it. :)

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your post on my blog. I have to say your blog is a dream come true for me. I was just saying the other day how I needed some help with time management. I'll be checking your site often for sure.


Unknown said...

Sadly, my child is 8, and I still use a diaper bag. It is cool though. : ) If I do say so myself : )!

Marcia Francois said...

I have one black bag and one beige-ish one, but I overcame the "boringness" of the beige by the great texture (it's suede).

My planner is smaller than A5 (half a printer page) - here's a pic

With this one, I really only have to change if I'm wearing pink. This particular weird shade of red works with everything else in my wardrobe :)

But I change if I simply feel like it - it's not a very "organised" way of thinking but it's real!

Good luck on your search. Persevere - you WILL find it :)

You can find more time management tips on my other blog, http://takechargeofyourlife.blogspot.com

Rebeckah as long as your bag works for you, that’s the main thing. Cool is also a good thing ;)

Forgetfulone said...

That's a beautiful handbag! I want to change mine now.

Moxie said...

wait- do I miss where you tell us where your red bag came from?