Saturday, October 06, 2007

Favourite organising tools # 8 - sunshine organizer

I am so excited to tell you about this favourite tool of mine - the Sunshine Organizer. This calendar really works for me.

I was given mine as a gift and I had hardly walked in the door when Dion put it up on our wall and started filling it in. I had a small one up already but we both love this one so much because there is A LOT of space. And it's yellow/ orange so it makes me happy!!!

This is perfect for a family with kids, or any busy family (like ours). There's enough space for Dion's stuff and for my stuff and best of all, neither of us has to scrunch up our handwriting to make it all fit :)

The features of the calendar include:

  1. 14 months (starts in Nov 2007 and runs through to Dec 2008)
  2. Large blocks to write in
  3. Lined blocks to write straight
  4. See your month at a glance
  5. Starts with Monday so you have Sat and Sunday together ( shaded)
  6. Emergency Numbers
When you open it to hang on your wall, cupboard, etc, it looks like this. Look how much SPACE there is!!!

back of calendar with instructions for use, emergency numbers, space for telephone numbers, etc.

this is a page in use - see all the writing, stickers, etc. Lovely!

Because I love this Sunshine Organizer so much, I offerered to put a link in my store so that you, dear blog readers, can also get your own one. Scroll down the front page just a bit to view the details.

It only costs $18.95 or R130 which of course, includes packing and postage. Please note there are two buttons so please choose International or South African. International readers, it will get to you within 3 weeks and South Africans, it will get to you within a week. Or if you're really desperate to get yours, you can collect from Debbie, the creator of this gorgeous product, in Randburg.

Buy your copy now.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Marcia,

Thanx a bunch for the lovely promotion :-) I am so very excited about this product helping busy people take control of their lives.

I buy stickers as I come across them and use a different coloured pen for each member of the family. The fabulous thing is that from across the room I can see what we are all doing.

So glad that you and Dion are getting so much use out of it!

PS my website should be fully up this coming week :-)